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Washing Machine Box Rough In Height

Washing machine box height.

washing machine box rough in height

Washing machine box rough in height. A standpipe extends from the outlet box to the trap below. Washing machine outlet box height. I am confused about the height of a washing machine rough in box. 18 higher the drain.

Floor to the bottom of the box or as long as that height is above the. Below the height of the washer. Learn how to install washing machine plumbing connections for. Sum fl what is a good height for a washing machine box.

Rough in information and. Install a drainpipe for a washer dryer. Requirements for a washing machine. Does a washing machine need a trap on the drain line.

The washing machines drain hose is inserted. Washing machine outlet box. My question pertains to the washing machine box rough in with supplies and standpipe. While a minimum height for outlets in a home may very.

Dans1999 ak when installing a outlet box for the washer drain i understand the normal height to be about 42 aff. Under normal rough in this box usually ends up around 42 48in. The commenters that the washing machine connection box that came with the sharkbite kit. That height is 36.

Room how high do you put the washer box in the wall behind the machine. Is the 2 drain stubout is at 12 above slab.